© Pipe Solutions and Home Inspections 2018 With forty-five years of plumbing experience as, Eisenberg Plumbing, more and more of our workload was residential leak detection. As this area of our business grew our interest grew into expanding into underground fire and commercial leak detection and all that entails. With this business expansion, Pipe Solutions was born. Taking this huge step meant investing in the most advanced, precise, and cutting-edge equipment on the market, which we have done. Our field technicians have been Certified by the manufacturer on the proper use, care and maintenance of their equipment. (Formerly Eisenberg Plumbing)  We at Pipe Solutions offer experience, integrity and expertise. We value our clients and understand that ‘time is money’. We show up ‘on time’, ready to tackle, with precision, any job, anywhere, any time. Our leak detection specialists have the training and resources needed to find leaks without damaging your property. One of the main tenets of our company is to provide quality leak detection without the damage traditional detection methods cause. We use advanced technology, with pinpoint accuracy to locate the leaks and any other problem areas. Pipe Solutions believes in putting our clients first and foremost. Our team of experienced professionals can isolate, with incredible precision, the location of any leak. The accuracy of our equipment is extremely high, with most leaks being detected within inches of their exact location. Website Created by: Amazing-Admen Marketing - Ft. Lauderdale, FL