© Pipe Solutions and Home Inspections 2018 Pressure Water Line Locating  All types of underground pressure water lines that service any kind of property. We will find the source of the leak. and with precision both inside and outside any structure. Line Tapping When locating underground plastic pipe the plastic pipe cannot be energized like metal pipe.  With our state of the art equipment we send an acoustic pulse in the plastic pipe and are able to locate the direction of that line with super sensitive ‘ears’ and  at the same time locate the leak. Line Sniffing A leak must be at 5 gallons a minute in order to hear the leak with a clear distinction. If the leak is less then 5 gallons a minute  we can raise the level of noise to gain clear access and find the leak with unparalleled precision. Drain Line Locating - Single Problem When there is a break in the line from either a bad connection, movement in the ground or just old age, we can map the exact location with our state-of-the art camera system for your repair, at any depth  Mapping Out If you need to map out the complete layout of your sewer line inside or outside the structure we can do so in any size pipe from 1 1/2” pipe up to 12” pipe.  Camera Services - PLEASE NOTE To document the integrity or age of the pipe(s) in question, or to discover if any problems exist, all camera services include a detailed video sent to the client and/or all responsible parties. Website Created by: Amazing-Admen Marketing - Ft. Lauderdale, FL